10 Mar

Sarıhan Family

Sarıhan Family

Dear İnci, Soner and their son Tibet Çınar or sımply the Sarıhan family. Take a look at how they describe themselves.

“We are a family in love with nature, trying to raise their child in an alternative way to the norm. We are ecologists, producing creatively with our pens to underline that bicycles are transportation vehicles. We recycle, make our compost, create homemade projects to produce our own electricity. After having discovered 26 countries on our bicycles, we are aiming to be satisfied with less in this world but the utmost in our happiness.

Pedalling is not the ambition. A bicycle is the means to get to know and feel human beings, the earth, plants, animals…It is a miracle with no exhaust, the best, most fun and innocent, egoless means to get out of the boxes we have been stuck into (homes, work, school, malls) and free ourselves of the influence of our frames (like smart phones, tablets and tv).

After thousands of miles in 26 countries we are making the real journey inwards to our souls. We take all the difficulties along the road as a learning process and every event as a step.

We have dreams. They may seem far away and impossible to realise but we will keep on chasing them. One day they will tire. Then we will start chasing new ones. Otherwise is there any meaning to life anyway?”

You can follow them on http://minikgezgin.com/ or https://www.instagram.com/minikgezgin/

We care for their dreams. We were proud to support them and follow them on their last adventure. We will continuew to be with them in their adventures after this . It is good to have people like you among us guys!

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